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If you need immediate help, call 1-800-273-TALK.

General Resources & Links

Preventing suicide is everyone’s responsibility – Parents, Youth, Friends and Co-workers, Educators, Behavioral Health or Medical Health Professionals.

This website contains resources and links organized to help you find basic information quickly and more in-depth information at your leisure.  On each page you will find a combination of website links, printed material, helpful tips and tools.

Need Resources?

  • For Those Under Age 25
  • For Veterans and Veterans' Families
  • For Schools and Professionals
  • For Prevention Groups
    For Emotional Support Groups

    We welcome your suggestions (email) for additional resources, links, tips and tools that you have found useful. Please tell us about them and why you think they would be helpful to others.

    I want to Start a Prevention Group

    Click here to view some resources for starting a suicide preventiong group


    Means Restriction Resources for Emergency Departments and Families.

    Youth Violence Prevention